lundi 2 janvier 2012

A Little bit about everything !

Okay so i have finally recovered from the night before and i decided to do abit of shopping just some little things that i have picked up , tested and would like to tell you what i think of these products.
I am currently in bed listening to Marlon Roudette -New age i heard it on the radio the other day and fell in love with his voice ! i had to download it straight away ! 
I brought a mascara, concealer, bath bomb and a make-up bag ..
Mascara : Miss copine volume lash X3 
i brought this mascara for 10€ its okay, not the best mascara i have had but for now it will do , it has a big brush that is very important but it just doesnt seem to get my lashes the way i want them to be.
Bath bomb: Delipus
 i got this from Sephora for 5€ it smells absolutely devine ! it smells like ice cream and makes your bath go light pink but the bits of wood in the bath bomb go everywhere and are not really pretty to look at ! apart from that i loved my bath with this.
Concealer : Ess, anti cerne beige sable 
I got this from the same shop that i got the mascara its called Saga, i really like this store i dont know wether you have this in england , but its really good its abit like superdrug , the price is not to pricey either and thats the best thing about it hehee:)  im not going to say that this concealer hides completely   your tiredness but it surely does improve your dark bags underneath your eyes ! it last about 8 hours i had to do a touch up once in the day, i will most probably buy another one like bobbi brown but for now this will do ! 
My make-up bag i just fell in love with i got this also from the same shop as the other products Saga, it looks small but actually is not atall i was really shocked its like mary poppins bag ! haha :D  Its black with a lace layer and closes with these magnetic buttons.

I love this red its called Vampire by Ess from Saga , i had to do a retouch the day after and put on a base coat etc .. but because i love it so much i dont mind i might have to also buy this red by O.P.I! as it will most probably last alot longer ! So there we go thats what i brought its not alot but i wanted to share it with you all :) 


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  1. This nail polish looks so pretty! Great blog:)