lundi 2 janvier 2012

2012 Happy new year !!

Hi girlies, First of all i would like to say a Happy New year to all you beauts out there, i hope you all had a loverly New years eve!! I was going to stay in with a bottle of Rosé with my boyfriend as its been 1 year that we have been together, but we ended up going to a house party at our friends house and the day after we ended up at Mc d's for a quick fix hehe but that did not cure the "little" hangover i slept 12 hours the night after i have never slept so much in my life ( im going to stop blabbing now i dont want to bore any of you ^^ )
I would like to tell you all the things that i have achieved and things that i would like to achieve for 2012 , basically my new year resolutions. 

Things that i have achieved :

  • lost weight 
  • got into the college that i wanted
  • put other before myself
  • started this blog 
Things that i want to achieve ( resolutions):

  • find a new boss so i can poursuivre my studies in my aprentiship
  • save money so i can get a flat with my loverly boyfriend
  • keep my skin routine up 
  • take more photos
  • do NOT cut my hair as i want it to grow 
  • dye my hair back brown as the bleach is killing my hair and it will not grow in that condition.

I hope you all enjoyed it and i hope you all have a great year!


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