I've started this blog for my own personal reason's because i enjoy blogging, it takes up a lot of my time and you should all know that i do not things seriously and anyone with bad comments should keep them to themselfs as they will be deleted straight away i am not here to be juged i am here to have fun with blogging and telling people what i love to do.
    All the products that i put on this blog are brought with my own personal money or brought for me as a present by friends or family.
    I am sorry about some of my spelling mistakes in my blog , the reason to this is that i speak french on a daily basis so ive started to forget how to write english i am sorry for this. 

    I would never lie on this blog, everything that i say or do is true, i do not like people who invent themselfs a life to make themselfs look better than they are. 
    My advice to anyone out there is to stay the way they are , do everything they want to do in the way they want to do it! Xox

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