lundi 2 janvier 2012

10 Envys❤

Ok so i am going to do a post each week of the things that i envy to have !   

This week shall be LONG hair ! i need to grow my hair so bad and it just wont grow so i think i am going to go thought so remedys , i am going to stop using heat on my hair , stop colouring it , take vitamins i hope it will work !! *fingers crossed*

What are your envys, give me a comment :) ??

4 commentaires:

  1. I dont know if you can get it there, but theres something called sea kelp, which is really good for helping your hair to grow! maybe give that a try xxx

  2. what shop can you buy it from in england ?? if i can get my hands on it i will try it out thankyou :D xx

  3. I love long hair! I really reeeealy need long hair :( Its taking ages to grow :(