mardi 3 janvier 2012

2012 wishlist..

Okay girls this is my wishlist for 2012 ! i am like any other girl i lust over loads of things, basically i want everything that everyone else has got, sorry but im that kind of person its a pain in the but but hey thats the way i am and i think i will stay that way for a very longtime ! i am also a very needy person , i love to have the newest outfit out there , or the newest make-up! what i love about france is that people do not dress like i dress well where i live anyway ! ^^
Hopefully i will get some money and be able to buy all of these items or i will win a lottery ticket like my boyfriends best mate did last night , okay so i am going to tell you all a little story , my boyfriends best mate is the one who earns the most money out of all of us and he was at work one day on the toilet *_* and he looked down on the floor and there was 50€ on the floor :O Then last night we all went out and he got a scratch card thing and i said he will never win what a waste of money  but guess what happened he won 10€ then 20€ then that 20€ turned into 50€ -_- !!!! some people just have good luck i guess and i certainly are not one of them hehe, i think this story was pointless and i am probably boring all of you but i thought i would share what happened last night , anyway moving on , this is my 2012 wishlist !!! enjoy..

❤ Kindle -Amazon 99€

❤ White shorts - Forever 21    17€

❤ Bobbi Brown concealer kit - 31.50€

❤ Jemma kidd light as air liquid foundation - 25€

❤ Samsung MV800 multiview camera - 176€

❤ Topshop boots ❤ -topshop £75

❤ Black poncho - Forever 21    24€

If you have a wishlist tell me or send me a email or a link to it ! :)

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  2. Cool wishlist!Ilike the camera and the Kindle ** this is mine : my wishlist!

  3. awesome camera!

    love the boots!!

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