samedi 28 janvier 2012

Celibrity style crush ; Khloé Kardashian ♥

Hello sweeties , i hope you are all well i havent been posting daily posts and i need to start doing that as it was my new years resolution ! jeez i never keep up with resolutions (N) Today im sat in my bed at my boyfriends house, as its not nice weather the skies are grey , i was snowing lastnight but it didnt stick :( Ohwell hopefully it will stick in a couple of days like it said on the weather report! 
We have my boyfriends grandparents round its the first time i have met them and they are adorable, really chatty and that ! thats what i love about people when they talk alot like me , take you out of a akward situation ! ^^
Since i havent had my job , i havent had much money so i am not able to do any hauls its really sad as i love showing you all what i have brought hopefully if i get a job * touch wood* i will be able to go shopping again eee :D Dont you worry i will keep all you pretty people informed !!! 

Ok so this post is all about my style icon at the moment some people do a series of style icons each week , but me personally i can not change style icon each week as i love Khloé Kardashian! i think she is just gorgeous ! she doesnt need to feel fat atall as she is perfect the way she is, to be quite honest if you girls are like me not skinny as a pencil then you will all agree with me that she has a gorgeous body and she should be proud and not listen to all them spitefull people in the press! :) Anyyysss.. i need to stop blabbing and get on with this post hehe ..
So we have the outfit that we have below this text of Khloé Kardashian, i think its really classy , for the night time i would wear them GORGEOUSSSS boots from miss guided but if you just wanted to dress it down i would put some ballerina shoes or some topshop boots like what i put on my other wishlist post , It will also look loverrlaaayy like that :) 

- Beaded ring : €4.90 , Forever 21 
- Bugle beaded clutch : €19.75 , Forever 21
- Legging à empiere ment simili cuir : €36.00 , Topshop
- Grey longline blazer : £50.00 , Riverisland
- Bryna platform knee highboots: £48.99, MissGuided
-Revlon matte mauve it over lipstick: £7.49

(Please note that some of the prices are in Euros & Pounds as i was on the french sites for some of them, if you want to know the price in Pounds then go on the site and it should tell you^^)

The Loverly Khloé Kardashian... 

Lots of love olivia xox

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