mercredi 28 décembre 2011


Today i decided to take a photo of what make-up i was wearing today , i love this look for a winters day , with our big coats, big fur scarfs, and big boots , wooly jumpers its a nice a comfy look. I dont mind lipsticks that stand out, some people don't like it but me personally i like it i find it really pretty and girly.
Even though christmas is finished i am still really into the christmas spirit, i love everything to do with christmas if i could i would have christmas every single month !! 
Ive been watching alot of X-Mas films at the moment , my all time favorite is Home alone 1,2,3 the 4th one was rubbish personsally i think so anyway. 

Facial moisturiser
Estée lauder Double wear stay in place make-up
No7 nude powder

No7 Red lipstick

Mis Cop palette (also for my eyebrows)
Black liquid eyeliner
Black eyeliner pencil
Eye lash curlers


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